SC Congressman Mark Sanford meets with Beaufort residents for coffee and conversation

BEAUFORT, Sc. (WSAV) - South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford visited Beaufort Thursday morning to meet his constituents for a cup of coffee and to discuss some of the hot topics on the table in Washington D.C.

Some of those issues include President Trump's recent United Nations address on North Korea.

"The language was awfully colorful, it wasn't a language I would've used," Sanford told News Three, "But I think what they're trying to do is send a signal: you have to stop what you're doing or face the consequences."

Sanford says the Iran Nuclear Deal follows in that shadow.

"It was in essence, a replica of what w did with North Korea years ago, when we said we'd give them lots of money for discontinuing their nuclear program, which they never discontinued," he said, "So I would agree with the president, it was faulty."

The topic most came out to discuss with Sanford is healthcare.

"The healthcare needs of rural South Carolina are quite different than the healthcare needs of inner city of... Los Angeles," he said.

The Graham Cassidy bill gives grants back to states, so they can decide what health care system works best for them. This, could eliminate the subsidies for individual insurance policies and the reimbursements to companies for offering cheaper copayments and deductibles to low-income customers.

"They can't keep you out of insurance because of a pre-existing condition, but what they can do is add a degree of risk premium tied to the cost of insurance," Sanford said.

Sanford says he thinks Congress will shift its focus to tax reform in coming months.

"The days are running by, I think they want to see something move this year," he said, "Tax reform is going to be an all-consuming issue throughout the fall, I don't know how you combine both issues, but we'll see."

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