Graham says Trump’s comments about McCain won’t diminish friend’s legacy


John McCain’s very close friend Senator Lindsey Graham on Wednesday reacted to the president’s disparaging comments about the late senator.

Trump has raised his feud with McCain in recent days, saying he was “never a fan” of the former GOP presidential candidate and “never will be.”

Sen. Graham spoke to reporters in Seneca before attending a Rotary meeting, saying President Trump’s comments on McCain will end up hurting him more than the legacy of the late Arizona senator.

“My job is to represent the people of South Carolina, they want me to work with the President where I can,” Graham said. “I’ve gotten to know the President, we have a good working relationship, I like him, I don’t like it when he says things about my friend John McCain.”

He added that nothing can hurt McCain’s legacy.

“I love John McCain, I traveled the world with him, I learned a lot from him, he’s an American hero and nothing will ever diminish that,” said Graham.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also issued a statement on McCain’s legacy:

Today and every day I miss my good friend John McCain. It was a blessing to serve alongside a rare patriot and genuine American hero in the Senate. His memory continues to remind me every day that our nation is sustained by the sacrifices of heroes.

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