Decision 2020: The final stretch


WASHINGTON (NBC News) – As the 2020 campaign enters its last full week, both presidential candidates are focusing on crucial swing states.

President Trump’s campaign is hoping for a big win in Florida, while Democrats are hoping to take back the midwest.

Both campaigns kicked off the week with ’60 Minutes’ interviews, where the president walked out on Leslie Stahl after saying he didn’t want to answer “tough questions” and questioning the fairness of the interview.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, defended his tax plan, which would include tax increases on the wealthiest Americans. 

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the campaigns.  New cases are now rising in at least 41 states. 

Five people close to Vice President Pence have tested positive, including his chief of staff. 

Pence, who has so far tested negative, won’t quarantine and will continue to make public appearances.

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