Decision 2020: Florida in focus


WASHINGTON (NBC News) – President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will hold dueling rallies in Florida Thursday, putting their focus on a crucial swing state where Biden currently holds a slight lead in the polls.

The final push for votes comes as a record rise in coronavirus cases continues to haunt the president. 

Biden on Wednesday slammed the White House for a press release that lists “Ending The COVID-19 Pandemic” as one of Mr. Trump’s top accomplishments. 

“It’s an insult to every single person suffering from COVID-19 and every family who’s lost a loved one,” Mr. Biden said.

The White House admits it was poorly worded. 

Biden is honing in on the pandemic…as well as 30 people who needed medical attention when thousands were stuck in freezing temperatures after a trump rally in Omaha. 

“It’s an image that captured President Trump’s whole approach in this crisis. He takes a lot of big pronouncements. He makes a lot of big pronouncements, but they don’t hold up,” Biden said.

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