ROCK HILL, SC (WSPA) – Rock Hill Police say they have arrested a man who was torturing dogs with firecrackers.

Investigators were searching social media for known violent criminals in Rock Hill on July 1.

They say they found the Facebook page of Deangelo Rosboro who was using Facebook Live on his phone.

He was video taping Tevin Anderson torturing three dogs in the backyard, according to investigators.

Police say the video showed the dogs were chained and Anderson was throwing lit firecrackers at each dog so they would explode near the dogs.

The dogs were cowering and trying to get away.

They say a dog tried to get into its shelter and Anderson threw firecrackers in with the dog.

The firecrackers were putting the dogs in imminent danger of injuries and burns and tormenting the dogs mentally, according to police.

Officers went to the house and arrested Anderson on 3 cruelty to animals charges.

The dogs were seized by animal control.

The Animal Control officer said all three dogs appeared to have injuries and would be taken to a veterinarian for evaluations.

Police say other items in the house, including firecrackers generated other charges against Anderson.

They say they are still looking for Roseboro.

Anderson told the detective he was caring for the dogs for a person who was in prison, according to the report.