Plants you need in your bedroom to beat colds, insomnia and anxiety


Experts say the presence of plants reduces stress, anxiety and absorbs pollutants.  Research from NASA has revealed the top plants for your bedroom.

It’s time to bring more plants indoors.  Scientists say we can reap plenty of health benefits by simply setting them on your bedside table… including better sleep.

So here’s the list…

First, Areca Palm.  Experts say this plant is extremely efficient at “mopping up” pollutants.  The palm is ideal for anyone prone to colds and sinus issues as the plant releases moisture in the air.  Experts say you will breathe better and fall asleep more quickly.

Next, Aloe Vera.  This plant has been named as one of the best plants for air purification by NASA.  It releases oxygen throughout the night.  It also fights benzene ( this is found in detergents and plastics ) and formaldehyde ( found in varnishes and floor finishes ).

Also on the list, Peace Lily.  This is a beautiful plant that cleanses the air and improves it by 60 percent.  It absorbs mold spores through its leaves and circulates them in its roots to use as food.

Finally, Spider Plant.  Well, this plant grows quickly, and it can remove up to 90 percent of the toxins from the air in your bedroom in just 2 DAYS!  The spider plant is especially great for people with dust allergies.

(source:  NASA)

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