Pfizer says vaccine should protect against Omicron variant but being boosted is better


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – If you are still on the fence about the COVID vaccine or have not decided to get a booster, President Joe Biden is hoping word from Pfizer will change your mind.

“I have some good news this morning,”Biden told reporters Wednesay.

Pfizer reported that a recent study done on the Omicron variant showed some positives about its vaccine.

“The expectation is that the existing vaccines protect against the Omicron variant but if you get a booster you’re really in good shape,” said the president.

Pfizer says it conducted what it acknowledges is a small study (with just a dozen patients) showing the booster may be that extra layer of protection.

Some cases of the latest variant have now been reported in Georiga.

Dr. Lawton Davis from the Coastal Health District old us recently that “if you’re eligible for the booster I would go ahead and get the booster. At the moment, we still have plenty of Delta variant hanging around hre and infecting people and we know that the vaccines that we have are our best shot at preventing severe illness, hopsitalization and death.”

Dr. Stephen Thacker, the Asosociate Chief Medical Officer of Memorial Health sent this statement:

We have seen a slight increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations during and following the recent holiday. We have had an average of 9 total patients each day in the hospital with active COVID-19 over the last 7 days without evidence that number is rising at this time. With the threat of a new variant reaching our community, I encourage all who can safely receive COVID-19 vaccination to do so. Anyone who qualifies for a booster should do so now. This is how we can keep our communities healthy through the upcoming holiday season.

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