Pembroke woman gives birth in ambulance on Christmas morning


CHATHAM CO., Ga, (WSAV)- A Pembroke woman is resting in the hospital after giving birth in an ambulance on Christmas morning.

Bryan county first responders rushed to the mother’s rescue near Old River Road in Chatham County.

“I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it,” said Tori Edwards with a sigh. ‘But, I did it.”

Edwards woke up on Christmas morning not to gifts, but to labor pains.

“The pain was just unbearable,” she said. “It was just getting worse and worse and contractions kept getting closer and closer.”‘

Her baby was coming and she needed to get to the hospital.

“Actually my sister was driving me to the hospital, but we weren’t going to make it there,” said Edwards. “We had to pull over to the side, call 911 and tell them ‘yea we need you guys’.”

Edwards was miles from home near Old River road when Bryan county first responders finally arrived. Ten minutes later Edwards gave birth.

“I am happy he’s healthy and they did an amazing job delivering him,” said Edwards.

At six pounds eight ounces baby Eliot is a fighter. Edwards is still in shock.

“I was just scared I didn’t know what to expect with my first baby they had to induce me and I already had epidurals,” said Edwards. “I didn’t feel anything, this was just a completely different experience.”

An experience the mother of two surely won’t forget.

“I’m just happy God is with us every day and that right there, that little fella proves it,” said Edwards’ Mother.

“I didn’t think I could do it,” replied Edwards.

Edwards said this time next year might be a little hectic planning Christmas and a Birthday, but she’s excited to bring baby Eliot home.

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