Paycheck Problems: Former Spine & Sport employee accuses business of writing bad paychecks

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Not only is it exciting to receive your check after dozens of days of hard work, but for many workers, putting in those hours to support a family-it’s crucial.

One employee of a local Richmond Hill business tells News 3 she was devastated when she went to cash her check and the unthinkable happened…

“This is not a new thing…this has been going on and nobody has come forward because they need their job…well you know what, we all need our job, but I’m willing to speak for me and everyone else in the company going through this,” said Daisy Penn, a former employee of the Spine & Sport Physical Therapy Center in Richmond Hill.

And what Penn and other employees are going through is coping with not getting a paycheck …

“We’re supposed to get paid on the 7th and 21st of each month. When that day comes, most companies deposit your check in your bank account, or at least have the check to you first thing in the morning…well guess what not this company,” Penn told News 3.

She  says not only do they not receive their checks until around 5:00  in the evening–when the banks are closed–but also, several banks won’t honor their checks…

“When I first when to Bank of America Saturday morning, the teller seemed a little confused…she told me she had to put my check on hold 4-5 business days. It was supposed to be released August 12th,” Penn said.

Today is August 13th and Penn says the check still hasn’t been cleared.

She says she  feels like her boss and human resources are giving her the run around…

“I decided to resign because of how the situation was handled,” said Penn.

…Handled in a way that she says is bad business.

“If they can’t handle their finances, they need to close down and stop taking advantage of the public…of the people that need to work for a living because they need to, not because they want to,” Penn said.

The owner and manager as well as the media relations department of the Spine & Sport Physical Therapy Center reached out to me shortly after Thursday’s newscast to release a statement explaining the inicident. It said that Mrs. Penn was completely financially compensated and “they’ve done everything possible to accommodate her.”

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