Parris Island Marines Suspended, Facing Court Martial


Three different investigations have led to four Sergeants from Parris Island being suspended, and potentially court martialled.

Its all over alleged abuse at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, hazing which already may have led to one recruit’s death.

They are included in a group of 20 drill instructors and leadership personnel at the base to be officially charged while “under scrutiny.”

Staff Sgt. Matthew T. Bacchus, Sgt. Riley R. Gress and Staff Sgt. Jose Lucena-Martinez are all accused of violating “articles of military justice”.

Its still being determined if a fourth Sergeant, who has not been named, will also face court martial.

The accused are either connected to a command investigation into recruit abuse, or a “Red Dot” investigation called for by the White House back in April, after recruit Raheel Siddiqui’s death.

Siddiqui died on March 18. The Michigan native fell nearly 40 feet from a building at the Depot. The Marine Corps says the death was a suicide. His parents have been skeptical about that statement.

The Marine Corps says that none of the allegations and charges have anything directly to do with Siddiqui’s death.

Charges for the Sergeants:

Bacchus: Violation of a lawful general order; maltreatment; false official statement

Gress: Failure to obey a lawful general order; cruelty and maltreatment; false official statement

Lucena-Martinez: Failure to obey a lawful general order; false official statement

The fourth Marine faces allegations of Failure to obey a lawful general order; cruelty and maltreatment; false official statement.

He will participate in an Article 32 hearing. That hearing will determine whether that person faces a court-martial.

Right now we don’t know if any of the four were drill instructors on Parris Island.

The Marine Corps wouldn’t say if any more people would be charged.

A hearing for the three charged Marines hasn’t been scheduled yet.

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