Packaging the Future with Banana Leaves

Banana Leaves

One supermarket chain is doing its part to stop the trend of single-use plastics flooding into the ocean.

So I was scanning through my facebook page today when I stumbled upon a friend’s post that caught my attention…  I mean it’s a great idea!  An easy idea that could make a pretty big change in the movement against plastic.

While most grocery stores place their strawberries in a plastic box…  or put corn in plastic wrap…  or other produce in plastic produce bags… a supermarket chain in Thailand, has come up with an innovative, eco-friendly solution.

The grocery chain is wrapping its produce in banana leaves instead.  

Of the nine billion tons of plastic ever produced, only nine percent is recycled.  The United Nations Environment Program estimates that by 2050 there will be 12 billion tons of plastic in landfills, the environment and the oceans.  Of all this waste, it’s cigarette butts… plastic drinking bottles… food wrappers… and plastic grocery bags that are the biggest contributors.

Meanwhile, banana leaves area plentiful and nearly free resource.  The only real expense is in gathering them.  For years and years, banana leaves have been used as plates and as food wrappers.  Even today, they are used as stylish serving dishes today in Indian and Filipino restaurants.

Experts say that not only do the leaves make for a nice presentation, but many believe that an enzyme on the leaf, which is released into the food, aids in digestion.  So instead of contaminating our food with hormone-disrupting BPA, we could make it more nutritious.

Finally, banana leaves may look a tad delicate, but they really aren’t.  They are large, flexible and waterproof.  They can handle some pretty sturdy packaging.  

While many cities throughout the world are doing their part to help the environment…  here’s what’s happening right here in the United States.  (Just a few examples)

1.  Malibu ~ This California city voted to ban the sale, distribution, and use of single-use plastic straws, stirrers, and plastic cutlery.

2.  Seattle ~ The first US city to enact a ban on plastic straws, along with single-use plastic utensils.

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