Ossoff and Perdue campaign react to expected runoff in Georgia Senate Race


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – There was more expectation Friday that another runoff will be required n a second U.S Senate race in Georgia. As votes continued to be counted, republican incumbent Senator David Perdue fell below 50 percent which is required to win outright.

While the Perdue campaign seemed less clear that a runoff would be required, democratic challenger Jon Ossoff said he’s certain of it.

“We have the momentum and are on the right side of history,” Ossoff told supporters in Atlanta.

Ossoff said the historic turnout proved that “the majority of Georgians are rejecting Perdue and the republican policies he advocates.

Monday as he campaigned in Savannah, Senator Perdue offered a picture of Ossoff as a “radical socialist” and said democratic policies would be dangerous for Georgia and the country. “We need to keep Chuck Schumer from having a majority in the Senate,” Perdue told supporters.

Perdue said that Ossoff and the democratic party want a federal takeover of health insurance. Ironically, Ossoff has used health insurance and healthcare as his main attack line against Perdue, citing COVID and Perdue’s votes agaisnt the Affordable Care Act.

“Senator Perdue cannot defend the indefensible, he cannot defend attacking our health care in the midst of a pandemic. He cannot defend misleading us so profoundly about a threat to our health and he cannot defend being such a weak enabler of this president,” said Ossoff.

Ossoff said he expects his supporters o be motivated in January as they were during the general election season.

The Perdue campaign sent this statement about a potential runoff:

“Right now, votes are still being counted and every legally eligible voter should have their voice be heard. If this contest goes to overtime, Senator Perdue is the clear favorite to win re-election as the 51st Senator to defend our Republican majority. Ossoff’s underwhelming performance after spending weeks hyping his candidacy with tens of millions of out-of-state dollars shows that Georgians do not support his radical socialist agenda.”

John Burke
Perdue Campaign Spokesman

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