BRUNSWICK, Ga (WSAV) — Police say that 30 arrests have been made across Glynn County and surrounding areas after kicking off Operation Coastal Flood.

On Monday, September 12, 2022, local law enforcement agencies in collaboration with The U. S. Marshals convened to kick off Operation Coastal Flood in an effort to facilitate the arrest of numerous repeat offenders and to discourage the rise in violent crime in Glynn County Georgia.

During the planning phase of this operation, more than 600 felony warrants for Glynn County
were discovered. Specific violent crimes and habitual offenders were identified, such
as, but not limited to, Gang Violence, Aggravated Assaults, Sexual Assaults, and Violent Crimes
Against Persons. Approximately 100 warrants were identified for the initial screening and the
operation began with the intent of locating and arresting 63 fugitives of justice.

Operation Coastal Flood became operational in the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 14th, over three (3) days, there were 30 physical arrests (including two (2) in Florida and four (4) in Ware County), thirteen (13) in-custody discoveries and eight (8) collateral investigations sent outside of this jurisdiction. During the week of September 19th, an additional five (5) arrests were made in Florida, bringing the total to 35 physical arrests. The thirty-five (35) physical arrests and the thirteen (13) in-custody discoveries meant that forty-eight (48) of the sixty-three (63) fugitives were addressed, a seventy-six (76) % success rate.
However, the investigations will continue for all outstanding warrants in pursuit of 100%

One of the many examples of this successful operation included the arrest of Antonio Duncan
for the offense of murder based on an incident that took place at the local Bamboo Lounge,
which meant one less violent offender was now off the street.

Glynn County Police Department Chief Battiste said, “We intend to make this an ongoing effort,
when warranted, to ensure that the streets of Glynn County and our surrounding areas remain
safe for our residents and visitors. We hope this sends a strong message to those that are
involved in violent crime activities in Glynn County, especially gang-related activities. We are
grateful our local, state, and federal partners, and look forward to the continued partnerships.”

Although there have been many instances of successful collaborative partnerships with these agencies in the past, our goal is to reinvigorate these partnerships and become even more focused on leveraging our relationships in ways that will address all violent crimes. Specifically, in the areas of Gang Violence, Sexual Assaults, Violence Against Children, Robbery, and any other affiliated violent crimes.

Police say that they will continue to develop partnerships that help us address violent crime in Glynn County.