ONLY ON 3: News 3 hears from a 71-year-old victim of robbery and sexual assault

STATESBORO, Ga., (WSAV) -- A disturbing crime took place over the weekend in a neighborhood where things are usually quiet.

Early Sunday morning, a 71-year-old woman became a victim of robbery and rape while she was home alone and asleep. She asked News 3 not to reveal her identity as she recounts her terrifying ordeal.

He entered her home through the back door before proceeding to her room to restrain her and cover her face so she couldn't identify him- nor cry for help. He came in demanding money on the same day she got her paycheck.

She says, "…he went into my private parts with his hands. I said now if you want the money get the money and leave me alone. And that's when he invaded me. I tried to get him away from me but he still did what he had to do."

While doing so he threatened her over and over again.

"He said I should kill you. I said don't kill me. I said whatever in that pocket book, its money in that pocketbook just get it and leave me alone," she says.

He didn't leave her alone. But, she put up a fight although a stroke paralyzed her left side.

She says, "I tried to keep him off me. But he got the best of me. And when he got the best of me he throwed me to the floor and by then I was weak."

Once he got her on the floor, she says he took her king size mattress and put it on top of her while he ransacked her home.  He left her helpless taking both of her phones so she couldn't call for help.  He left with her pocketbook that had two hundred dollars and blank checks.

But she says she thinks she may know him. His voice was familiar and as he walked her home he found exactly what he was looking for.

Last month is when she first became a victim of robbery when someone else came in her home on the same day she got her paycheck.

"I had just got my check last month when this took place. But i didn't think this month; I would have the same problem."

She says she hasn't slept since it happened and she is traumatized. Now she doesn't know if she'll be able to return to the place she's called home since 1979.

"I don't want to. Not at the present time, I don't. I'm scared," she says.

She was found Sunday morning hours after the incident when her one of her daughters tried to call and didn't get an answer. She sent a family member to her home to find her still lying on the floor. But she was able to crawl from under the mattress.

Although the victim wishes to remain unknown- her daughter is willing to reveal her own identity to send a powerful message to man responsible.

"I don't know how we're going to get over this but its going to be by the grace of god. But I can say whoever this person is he can run, he can hide, but the man upstairs seen everything," the victim's daughter, Betty Cooper said.

The Statesboro Police Department is currently investigating this crime. If you have any information please call (912)-764-9911.

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