SAVANNAH, Ga. –  One Savannah family spoke exclusively to WSAV after a crash left three dead on July 5th.

Spencer Stuckey, 17, was in the car with Jerry Chambers, 17, and Gabriel Magulias, 20 during the crash on West Bay Street early Wednesday morning. Stuckey and Magulias died as a result of the crash. Chambers was driving the car and was arrested and charged with three counts of felony murder. The third person who died was Scott Waldrup. Witnesses say Waldrup pushed people out-of-the-way ahead of the crash but was killed instantly during the crash.

Stuckey’s family spoke to WSAV after they say they read negative posts online about his death.

“My little brother was somebody. My little brother was going to be somebody,” brother Ruben Farrow said.

Stuckey was one of six children raised by Gwendolyn Farrow.

“I felt a total sense of loss,” she said after finding out her son had died in the crash. Farrow said she last heard from Stuckey on Tuesday evening. She said she has no idea why he was in the car with Chambers and Magulias. She told WSAV she knew her son was friends with Chambers but didn’t know him personally.

Savannah Metro Police Department announced Chambers to be a member of the gang, Only the Mob. When asked if Stuckey was a member of the same gang, this was Farrow’s response:Gwendolyn Farrow: Only the Mob is a family. It’s not a gang. Meredith Stutz: What is a family?Gwendolyn Farrow: A family.Meredith Stutz: A community of people who do life together?Gwendolyn Farrow: They do everything together. They got each other’s back If something were to happen maybe they go help each other out on something. He many need a ride. He may need money. He may need food. He may need clothes, somewhere to sleep at. That’s a family.

Ruben Farrow spoke that his brother was a kind and smart young man. He also said he didn’t know why Stuckey was in the car with Chambers but Farrow said, “He did what he had to do.”

“In Savannah things is different, all lives is not the same, all lives not the same,” Farrow said. “We don’t get the same justice that everybody else get. So we got to create our own justice. That’s it.”

While the crash is still being investigated, Stuckey’s mother has one looming question.

“Why were they [police] chasing him in a crowded area like that?”

The family is requesting the surveillance footage of the crash be released for answers and closure. For now, they are left mourning the loss of a teen they say had a troubled past. His mother told WSAV his son wasn’t in school and had been in jail more than once.

“Didn’t say he wasn’t guilty of anything. Never said he wasn’t guilty,” his mother said and then Ruben Farrow quickly added,

“If he would have survived he would have seen his day in court.”

The family originally planned a candle light vigil at the site of the crash near 5 Guys Burgers and Fries but cancelled it because they said they were receiving threats on social media. They told WSAV they plan to reschedule for next week.