Older workers who’ve lost jobs face battle to find new employment, AARP offers support


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Up to 30 million Americas as well as hundreds of thousands of Georgians and South Carolina residents have been affected by job losses due to the pandemic.

AARP says its surveys indicated that 30 percent of older workers have been affected by financial losses or the loss of a job. And in terms of a job search, mature workers frankly don’t have an advantage.

“The concern is that once you lose a job when you’re over 50 (from research that we did during the Great Recession) is that takes you almost double the time to find a new job than it did for a younger worker,” says Susan Weinstock who AARP’s Vice President of Financial Resilience.

“And when a mature workers does get back into the work force they are probably going to take a pay cut,” she said.

Weinstock says they are advocating for mature workers including encouraging people to update technical skills.

“So what do you need to do? You need to make sure to keep online profiles (at sites like Linked In) up to date,” says Weinstock. “Make sure you have the most recent information online and in that online resume and that it really reflects well on you.”

Weinstock also says become a lifelong learner and if you are out of work right now try to fill your time by taking an online course. (She says you can find some for a minimal cost or free to seniors.)

Weinstock says a decade ago a lot of older workers fell through the cracks in the mortgage financial meltdown.

“We are certainly trying trying to make that ‘not’ happen this time around,” said Weinstock. “We have information on our website with tools for job searches and a job board.”

“Because you’ve been in the work force a long time you are a good listener, you remain calm under pressure,” said Weinstock. “Before the pandemic we would hear from employers all the time they are looking for older workers who have these skills so empathize that wherever you can,” she said.

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