Old phone scam makes new rounds in Chatham County

An old phone scam is rearing its ugly head here in Chatham County.

News 3 has learned crooks will call pretending to be a deputy or the sheriff with the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. Thursday, two people became victims and immediately reported it.

Most numbers involved with the scam include (912)- 200 -8689 or (912)-200-6839.

Or they will at least have (912) -200.

“What they do is they take and they’ll tell you, Mr. Smith, you missed a court date your fine is 200 dollars, and you need to go get a blue dot card or a green dot card and call us. And when you call them back they say we’ll we want the number off the back of it,” Sheriff John Wilcher says. “ And what they do as soon as you give them the number they cash that card and they’re gone.”

But this scam isn’t anything new. Nor is this the first time News 3 reported it. According to the Sheriff it’s been happening left and right for the past four years.

“We did an investigation about four years ago. And followed a lady all the way to Mobile, Alabama and watched her cash the green dot card that the person had given them. We turned it over to the FBI and they told us it wasn’t enough money involved for it to be investigated,” Sheriff Wilcher says. “I know of several people that have given three and four and five thousand dollars to these idiots.”

News 3 asked the Sheriff if the six calls within the last few weeks are being investigated.

“You can investigate all you want to. These are spoof numbers. They bounce your cell number off that cell tower and call him with it. It’s no way of tracing it, there is no way of getting the money back. Period,” he said.

While at the Sheriff’s office he even tried to call one of those numbers back. He did not get an answer. But he tried earlier today.

“He said, I’m deputy so and so. I said you know it’s funny I’m the damn sheriff and don’t know who you are,” Sheriff Wilcher says.

The sheriff says they do not call people. What they will do is come to your home and knock on your door. If you aren’t there they leave a notice telling you to stop by their office.

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