New traffic patterns in Bryan County impact drivers


RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) – Starting today, new traffic changes will impact people in Bryan County as detours are made in conjunction with the new 19 million dollar Interstate 95 Interchange Project.

The Belfast Keller Road Interchange Bridge over I-95 is officially closed, but two new interstate on-ramps are open to traffic.

R.B. Barker Construction closed the bridge this morning and installed detour routes via US 17, State Route 144, and Belfast River Road. The detours will stay in place until the bridge is replaced, a completion date that is anticipated to be reached in the fourth quarter of their 2020 project.

Motorists on the east side of the interstate will be able to enter northbound onto I-95 and vehicles on the west side can enter southbound. Carter Infinger, the Chairman of the Bryan County Board of Commissioners, said the two new interchange on-ramps were constructed to help alleviate congestion, as well as expedite an emergency evacuation in the case of a hurricane.

“It’ll open up that end of the county for us and it’d be a nice emergency exit during storms and things where people can, can have another way out besides really going back through Richmond Hill. So, it is a great project for us. I know people are going to be frustrated because they can’t use, go across that bridge right now. But, in the long run, it’ll be well worth it,” Infinger said.

The Belfast Keller Road Interchange Bridge will be closed until later in the year while they work on its replacement. Infinger said motorists cannot access Belfast Keller Road from I-95 during the construction for the bridge and the interchange roundabouts.

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