New scam calls to tell you about, one suggestion: don’t answer your phone


“I had four calls in the past week, two from people claiming to be from Verizon saying I owe money.  I don’t. I got another call from someone saying they were from CVS and one from a woman who said I had won $1,000,000,” says Lennie Resnick.

He’s referring to scam calls and says it seems to getting worse by the day.  “The caller supposedly from CVS and aid she was trying to fill a prescription and they needed my social security number, but I don’t even use that store for prescriptions,” he told us.

We actually talked to Resnick last year about the increase in scam artists targeting people like him and he says he just gets more calls every day.

He says he does the right thing and the smart things.  He never gives anyone money, he hangs up and he complains to the Federal Trade Commission.

The Better Business Bureau advises when possible to simply not answer your phone if you do not recognize the number.

But Resnick says he can’t do that because he needs his phone to make business appointments.  “I really feel the need to answer it every time it rings,” he told me.

He also says scammers seem to be getting smarter and he has noticed fewer 800 numbers (which many of us now recognize as a call we don’t want to answer) and more numbers that appear to be calling from an area code (which more of us might be inclined to answer.)

“So they get area code numbers and they know you’re going to answer the phone, area codes 258 255 212, how can you stop them from doing any of this?” he asks.

He doesn’t know the answer but thinks we should try something.  “We are bombarded with scam calls,” Resnick said.

A few weeks ago during a rash of IRS scam calls, one of the recipients was Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher.  But Resnick said, “hey, I got one of those IRS calls,too.”

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