(NBC News) – New Jersey’s Joshua Sims is among the millions of students worldwide who’ve benefited from video lessons on math, science and other subjects offered free of charge by the online non-profit Khan Academy.

He’s now among the first to get coached before taking his SAT.

“It is a game changer,” Sims says. “Through their materials I was able to increase over 300 points on my SAT.”

With nearly a billion lessons viewed online since launching in 2006, it’s results like Joshua’s that led Khan Academy to permanently team up with the college board to offer SAT coaching.

“A 50, 100, 200 point change is a life changer for a lot of students,” academy co-founder and CEO Sal Khan says.

Khan says the SAT practice lessons have proven very effective and are geared more toward high school juniors and seniors, but there’s also help for sophomores and freshmen with their preliminary SATs.

“The Khan Academy software will use that PSAT as a diagnostic in math, reading and writing and immediately know what a students weak points are,” Khan explains.

The College Board, which has always steered clear of for-profit SAT coaching companies has easily embraced Khan.

“I approached Khan Academy because Khan Academy is free for everyone and it’s personalized,” says The College Board’s David Coleman. “The students that do put in the time – they are advancing rapidly.”

Even with summer vacation approaching, that’s studying that might well be worth it.

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