New questions arise in case of Cory Sasser


News 3 is digging deeper into what the GBI calls a ‘double murder-suicide’ in our area.

Former Glynn County Police Lieutenant Cory Sasser is believed to have killed his ex-wife Katie Sasser and her friend Jonny Hall in McIntosh County last month.

New questions have arisen from locals and people involved. The most recent question is from the Glynn County’s DA’s office asking GBI to determine if anyone assisted Sasser.

There are also questions about where Sasser got the gun and if the Glynn County Police Department handled the investigation properly.

“I don’t want him to lose his job, I don’t want him to get in trouble. But I also in return do not want something to happen and it does get brushed under the rug,” Katie Sasser, said in an interview with police the day after the domestic dispute.

One day after the domestic dispute Katie Sasser, says former police lieutenant Cory Sasser attempted to kick in her door while she was inside with her friend Johnny Hall.

Sasser was arrested days after for criminal trespassing and simple battery. But why wasn’t he arrested the night of the dispute? That’s the question being asked of the DA’s office and Glynn County Police.

“I feel like the way the whole situation went down, was probably not what have would’ve happened if it was just a regular person,” Sasser said.

Glynn County Chief of Staff, Sgt. Brian Scott, went to Katie Sasser’s home to discuss the night of the dispute. He assured her there would be transparency throughout the investigation.

“I’ve known Cory a long time. I’ve known him since 2002. I know you don’t know me that well. I like Cory, I think the world of him. I’m here to get down to the facts, I’m not here to cover anything up. I’m not here to get him in trouble if it’s not necessary but I’m not here to take up for him if it is,” Scott says.

On June 26, after the divorce hearing, Cory Sasser allegedly followed his ex-wife and Hall to a local restaurant and, according to a police report, made a threatening gesture.

News 3 learned Sasser was in violation of his bond by contacting his ex-wife, for making that threatening gesture, and for having a gun.

The Glynn County Police Department says they will not be commenting until the investigation is completed by Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

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