New polling location in Pooler pushed back until March 2020



The move to add another polling location in Pooler for November’s election has just taken a back seat after officials with the Board of Elections say a state law has prohibited them from moving forward.

A special meeting was called Wednesday to discuss the future polling location.

Board of Election Members decided to hold off until March to create a new voting precinct.

“Prior to July 1st of this year, 2019, the law stated in order to move a precinct boundary or create a new polls, all you needed was ten days worth of a notice in the proper organ, which is the newspaper. After the law was implemented, then we needed 30 days. Unfortunately, when we called the meeting a couple of days ago, we were operating under the 10 day window,” said Antwan Lang with the Board of Elections.

The new law has delayed the process many Pooler Voters hoped would be settled by November’s election.

“There’s only a two lane road, there’s long lines. Voter participation has increased. There’s 20,000 people that are in Pooler,” said Carry Smith.

Despite the new delay, Lang says he is hopeful for the next election cycle.

“It’s important that the residents voices be heard. In 2018, we had a Gubernatorial Election that cost a lot of citizens a lot of time and waiting. In some instances, it can be considered voter suppression or a form of voter suppression when you have time and convenience. You have a lot of citizens who have kids and families and those who also have to work. When they’re being inconvenienced by time because there’s not enough voting machines at the polling place or there’s not enough workers at a polling place, we want to make sure we get citizens in and out,” said Lang.

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