NEW INFORMATION: Missing Kayaker found in Oklahoma City

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The search was on for a missing man out on the water near Lazaretto Creek in his kayak.

After two days his kayak was found but Cody Magee wasn’t.

Now we know why. he was found in Oklahoma City Tuesday morning.

Thats just the beginning to this story.

“My prayers are with that family and with that kayaker.”

That was everyone’s thoughts Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as the helicopters circled overhead and search crews hit the water for two days searching for Cody Magee.

Someone saw Magee at the Lazaretto Creek boat ramp Sunday night, and then he disappeared.

His kayak was found Tuesday, but it took until Wednesday for Magee to reappear, not on the water, but more than a thousand miles away in Oklahoma City. Magee was caught during a traffic stop.

It turns out that Magee was supposed to be someplace else Monday Morning, the Effingham County Courthouse for a calendar call on charges of computer pornography.

He was one of 23 men arrested by Effingham County Sheriff’s and the ICAC task force during “Operation Summer Wave” in August.

Magee allegedly was coming to the county to have sex with a 15 year old.

“When they are expecting to see a pretty little girl and they see me” said Joe Heath back in August. “They are usually pretty sad.”

Magee could be even sadder if he comes back and is force not only to pay for his crimes, but pay for his search too.

Its not unheard of. Raymond Roth faked his death for insurance money in New York back in 2013.

Roth ended up getting 90 days in jail, five years probation and had to pay almost $37,000 to search crews.

Marcus Shrenker got four years in federal prison for crashing his plane in Florida to fake his demise.

He had to pay the Coast Guard $34,000 and more than $871,000 to the plane’s lein holder.

As for Magee. Savannah Police Marine Patrol says their personnel and fuel cost about $1975.

Their aviation unit, a little over $3100.

That’s not including the cost of Georgia Department of Natural Resources or Coast Guard crews.

The Coast Guard tells News 3 they are “still calculating” the exact cost of the search.

That agency is also in control of the investigation, and could add fines or criminal charges to Magee.

Right now Magee remains in Oklahoma City under the watch of police.

US Attorney’s want him brought back to face all his charges, both in Effingham County and Savannah.

Those now include contempt of court in Effingham County for missing that court date.

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