New disaster recovery efforts planned for The Peach State


It’s a new effort to address disaster recovery in Georgia. Some of the new initiatives are based on the needs our area had after major storms.

Georgia Emergency Management is now creating an entirely separate division to focus on disaster relief.

“It shows enemerous improvement over where we have been and I think that were just going to continue to get better and better as a state,” said Chelsea Sawyer with Chatham Emergency Management Agency.

Improving disaster recovery efforts is a major focus for Emergency Management Agencies across Georgia.

“One of the things that is most important to Chatham County residents is that its streamlining the disaster recovery process for community recovery,” said Sawyer.

The agency is making some changes to Disaster Relief by organizing personnel and adding new positions to create a Disaster Recovery Division.

“So if someone had damage to their home and needed a volunteer team that can come in and provide assistance; this is just one way that the state is kind of stepping in and providing some additional resources for that,” said Sawyer.

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