New Chatham County police officers comment on community-police relations


POOLER, Ga. (WSAV) ⁠— The Chatham County Police Department inducted its newest officers at a ceremony at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum on Tuesday.

The ceremony honored ten Chatham County Police Department officers who recently graduated from the Georgia Public Training Center.

During the ceremony, new officers received their department badges and had their badge pinned to their uniforms by a friend or family member.

They also received certificates proving their induction into the department.

The new officers say they’re eager to get started serving their communities.

One of the new graduates, Christopher Crick, says he is excited to make a difference in his area.

“I’ve always wanted to help people,” Crick said. “I always wanted to lend that helping hand. I started in education and after seven years in education and working with people I really wanted to move over and do something that really made a difference and that’s what I feel like I can do.” 

Phillip Hutto, another recent inductee into the Chatham County Police Department also says his main priority is being a positive influence for the community and the younger generation.

“Focusing on showing the younger generation that not all police officers are bad can make a huge difference because they are the future of tomorrow,” Hutto said.

“So if we can change the kid’s perspectives on the way they view police officers when they grow up and they’re adults, they’ll raise their children to know not all police officers are bad so it’s just one of those things you’ve got to get out there and do.”

Chatham County Police Officer Justin Lee says sticking to your core values is the most important part of being a police officer.

“If you know yourself as a person, and you know how to treat people nicely and everything like that I don’t think you have to worry about it,” Lee said. “As long as you treat everyone with respect.”

“I feel like God’s put me on this right path and he’s going to guide me this whole way and lead me and get me in contact with the right people and just bring out his image in the community,” Chatham County Police Officer Tyler Byrd said.

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