ATLANTA (WSAV) — A new bill that makes the cost of insulin more affordable may save thousands of dollars for Georgians.

It’s all part of the Inflation Reduction Act initiative that both of Georgia’s senators have pushed for and it now heads to President Biden’s desk who is expected to sign it into law this week.

Senator Jon Ossoff talked to seniors across the Peach State about a new effort that reduces the cost of insulin and lowers the cost of prescription drugs.

“In addition to capping the monthly cost of insulin for seniors at $35 a month, it will cap the yearly cost for seniors on Medicare part D at $2000 a year,” said Sen. Ossoff

New studies show that nearly a quarter of diabetic patients are under-using or skipping insulin doses because of rising prices.

Sen. Ossoff stated, “For far too long, seniors in GA had to choose between prescriptions, rent and prescriptions and AC on and prescriptions in these hot summers.”

Many seniors say it’s a complicated matter when it comes to combating diabetes, especially having access to insulin that’s affordable.

“They don’t have to make tough choices like rent, or food,” said Pamela Roshelle, Chief Operating Officer of Health, Human Services and Public Works. “Food is very important to diabetics and now they have a sustainable way to keep their medications in place.”

“This work will continue for affordability, for all Georgians for all Americans, and this represents a historic step forward,” Sen. Ossoff said. 

Doctors say more than a million Georgians, or 12 percent of adults, in the Peach State are diabetic. 

A recent report shows Americans spend close to $6,000 on insulin every year, while the American Diabetes Association says diabetic patients account for one out of every four dollars spent on healthcare.