New Bigfoot Sighting in NC after Recent Lizard Man Sightings in SC

Lizard Man footprint casting_29715

A tourist says he spotted a Bigfoot near Hendersonville, NC Thursday morning. There have also been two recent sightings of the Lizard Man near Bishopville, SC. Lizard Man was first spotted in Bishopville in 1988, but there hadn’t been a sighting for years until now.

In one, Jim Wilson says he was driving on Highway 34 toward Camden when he saw something that looked like Lizard Man run out into the road, run across the bridge over Scape Ore Swamp, and then disappear into the swamp. In the other, a woman identified only as Sarah, says she saw Lizard Man outside her church. She took a picture.

Lizard Man is described as being about 7 feet tall, with red eyes, a tale, and scales.

Janson Cox, executive director of the SC Cotton Museum in Bishopville, has a display of Lizard Man items, including plaster casts of footprints that were found at the original sighting in 1988. “The footprints were found in Scape Ore Swamp, so as the sheriff was doing his job he went ahead and cast them, and those are the castings,” Cox says.

That’s the only physical evidence of Lizard Man.

Cox has a theory about why people believe in Bigfoot and/or Lizard Man. “We all like to be scared. We think there things out there that we don’t understand, and there’s a lot of things out there that we don’t understand,” he says.  “Maybe they’re out there. When I was younger, we were all looking for the man from Planet X. We knew an alien was coming in his flying saucer. So this is the magic of it all, and we need to keep our fantasies and keep our imaginations going, so I think it’s great to have it.”

There’s a website for people to report Bigfoot sightings in the Carolinas and Georgia. It’s

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