Neighbors react to shootings in Statesboro that happened within hours of each other


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – This weekend the city experienced two shootings, that injured two people and left one person dead.

Authorities said the first shooting happened late Saturday night when an armed man entered an apartment at Cambridge at Southern: The Pines, and the person who lived there defended himself against the intruder with his own gun.

Gunfire was exchanged and the intruder along another roommate both went to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

The second shooting took place a couple of hundred feet away and just hours later, at Stadium Walk Apartments. Police said there was an argument between two men after leaving a bar, which is in front of the apartment complex, and a third man joined the argument.

The third individual shot and killed Dexter Dunbar of Sylvania.

Brendyn Carter and Thomas Cooper both of Sylvania have been arrested and charged with that murder.

Students who live in Cambridge told News 3 this weekend was frightening.
It’s something they’d never experienced and they hope never happens again.

“It was scary because it was right next door to where I stay so in that matter it was, but stuff like that don’t happen here normally,” Myron Simmons said.

“When I heard the [second] shooting I was scared that it was the same dude connected to the original incident, and he was just going around doing it multiple times,” Joseph Rochelau said.

Authorities said both shootings are unrelated. The Chief of Police, Mike Broadhead, noted the area where the shootings happened is safe and always heavily patrolled.

It’s monitored by the police department, the sheriff’s office, and campus police because of it’s proximity to Georgia Southern.

After this weekend News 3 asked if anything could be done to prevent this from happening again, such as an increase in even more police presence. He said there could be a possiblity but that decision would need more thought.

“So I would say yes, we’re going to try and increase that but we’re already based upon the resources we have, doing what we can in that neighborhood. Then not neglecting other neighborhoods if we put more patrol in that area,” Broadhead said.

Broadhead did mention his officers were working around the clock to find out as much detail as possible about both situations, and they were getting useful information from witnesses. He also added anyone with additional information is still asked to come forward.

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