‘Neighborhood champion’ Freddie Patrick Sr. memorialized in Savannah


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- A man some called a champion of eastside neighborhoods was laid to rest in Savannah Wednesday.

Freddie Patrick Sr. passed on January 14th unexpectedly. He touched hundreds of lives and left a legacy as a community activist.

“He’s in heaven looking down and smiling so hard because he knew, he knew you would come,” said Cynthia Kennedy, who worked alongside Patrick.

There wasn’t an empty seat in the room. People came from far and wide to show up for Freddie Patrick like he showed up for them.

“I’ve seen him get out of his bed at night when seniors were lost to help them find their way home,” said a longtime neighbor of Patrick’s.

Patrick’s work with seniors was just a fraction of what he did in this very building, as the Director of Eastside Concerned Citizens Incorporated.

“There were so many different youth groups that he was a part of that he started and I would always ask him you know dad I just want you here with me,” said his son, Freddie Patrick Jr. “He would always say son there are so many other kids who need so much more.”

The community activist gave his life to people. He worked side-by-side with police and public officials curbing crime and shaping young minds.

“I am the product of a good person who put some interests in some young people,” said Alderman Detric Leggett, District 2. “I give nothing, but honor and praise to Freddie Patrick and his memory and everything that he’s done.”

His memorial was a celebration of all the lives he touched. Some prayed and others sang, but everyone agreed his legacy should live on.

“We must not forget what he has done as a matter of fact we should pick up the torch and continue to march on, he has done great work on the Eastside,” said a former colleague

While Patrick’s time on earth has come to a close the seeds he planted will continue to grow for many years to come.

“Eastside concerned citizens will continue on and the right time we will make those announcements, but the legacy won’t stop with him,” said Patrick Jr.

Patrick’s work in the community dates back to the early 70s. He was a friend, a father, and a dedicated public servant. If you want to learn more about his legacy just click here.

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