NC Wendy’s worker fired for calling customer ‘Chubby’ on receipt


North Carolina man was left with a bad taste in his mouth after recently visiting a Wendy’s restaurant.

It wasn’t the food that spoiled his experience, but a word that was typed on his receipt, shaming him for his weight.

It was around 8 p.m. on October 4, when Jimmy Shue stopped into Wendy’s. Shue said he walked up to the counter and ordered two sandwiches, one for his fiance and one for himself.

“The girl asked me my name at the register, so I gave her my name clear as day, ‘Jimmy,'” Shue said. “She said, ‘Okay, thank you,’ handed me the ticket, and I didn’t pay no mind at first until looked down at it while I was waiting and saw it said ‘Chubby.'”

Shue said he was upset but ready to let it go. That’s when another employee came to the counter with his order called out the name on the ticket.

“He was hesitant to even say ‘Chubby’ but he did and I told him, ‘That’s not my name but that’s my order,’ and I grabbed the order and started to walk out because I was mad,” Shue said. “Everybody started laughing in the restaurant, and I got really embarrassed.”

He said he reached out to Wendy’s corporate who told him the store is franchised and owned locally, meaning there was nothing they could do.

Customers were appalled.

“Why anybody would write ‘Chubby’ is just cruel. I think they should make it right,” one woman said.

On Tuesday, NBC Charlotte received the following message from Carolina Restaurant Group, the franchise organization who owns and operates the Gastonia restaurant:

“We work very hard to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our employees and customers. We have apologized to this customer and the employee involved no longer works for our company.”

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