SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — RALI Cares is a national organization that is striving to make sure families in our area know the red flags of opioid abuse.

That’s why they have teamed up with local groups including the Savannah-Chatham Public School System and The Front Porch to help see what it’s like in the world of someone using drugs.

Alexia Robinson, director of The Front Porch says you may never if someone is dealing with a drug problem unless you have experienced it firsthand.

Robinson said, “You know unless you’ve had experience with addiction, unless you’ve seen it yourself, or been around someone that’s very close to you that has it, it’s very difficult to tell the telltale signs”.

RALI Cares designed a trailer in a way that shows a teen’s bedroom and the secrets as well as the obvious signs of drug abuse.

Joseph Abadalla, executive director for the Code 3 Association, says this trailer was to help families see the dark side of this ongoing problem.

Abadalla said, “A local sheriff’s office was going into teen bedrooms where overdoses had taken place, and they were seeing red flag indicators of opioid misuse. And when, they would speak to parents, they kinda had no clue what was going on and that’s not to speak disparagingly of parents, a lot of these items, they’re not supposed to know what they are, it’s not their world”.

Statistics show that teens are good at hiding their habits, and RALI Cares did not allow WSAV News 3 cameras inside of the trailer which could give away some of the ways teens hide their drug abuse.

Alexia Robinson also said this trailer will show how to uncover those painful secrets that are kept hidden.

Robinson said, “A teenager’s room is sorta their safe haven. That’s where all their secrets are kept, and it’s hard to sometimes know how to reveal those secrets, how to uncover them, and I think that this trailer is really helpful with that.”