Video: Suspect shot, killed after standoff in UPS truck hijacking

National News

Cameras were rolling as a stand-off with a man that police say stole a UPS truck came to an end in California.
Reporters from the NBC affiliate KNTV were there as the suspect made a break for it after an hours-long standoff.
After fleeing on foot, the suspect, later identified by friends as Mark Morasky, was apparently was shot by officers.
It all started hours earlier Thursday when, after a separate chase with police, Morasky hijacked an SUV and kidnapped the driver.
The chase eventually turned into a standoff and Morasky released the UPS driver to authorities.
Friends of Morasky say they were on the phone with him during the standoff, trying to calm him down.
“He was scared. He called me and said ‘I love you, I’m in a standoff.’  And then he was saying bye, and I was like, ‘no, no, don’t say that.'”
Officials have not yet confirmed Morasky’s condition although friends and other witnesses say he was killed.

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