Video: Protests follow violent Waffle House arrest in Alabama

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(WPMI) — Video showing a young woman being wrestled to the ground by police inside an Alabama Waffle House has sparked protests.

Chikesia Clemons was forced to floor with the top of her dress coming off as Saraland Police Department officers wrestled with her on the floor, trying to handcuff her. 

Clemons is shown pleading with them, while remaining partially nude on the floor of the Waffle House as patrons and staff watched the incident unfold.

Reportedly the whole thing began over a 50-cent charge for plastic utensils.

On Sunday afternoon protesters gathered at the Waffle House demanding answers. Once police arrived at the scene things took a dramatic turn after officers detained one protester, which added more fuel to the fire.

The Saraland Police Department issued a statement Sunday morning stating that they were still investigating exactly what happened and weren’t able to comment further. 

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