Video of woman ranting against masks in store goes viral with over 7 million views

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (CNN) – A video of a woman ranting about having to wear a mask is going viral, with more than 7 million views as of Saturday.

The incident happened in California, a state that mandates masks in public. People with medical conditions or developmental disabilities that prevent them from wearing masks are exempt. In the video, the woman says she’s in that group.

Shoppers say it’s how she expressed herself that left them shocked.

“Y’all Karen is showing out in trader Joe’s,” the customer recording can be heard saying.

In the video, a woman is seen throwing a tantrum over wearing a face covering inside the store that just hours earlier celebrated its grand opening. Trader Joe’s employees remained calm and tried to escort her out of the store.

Customers say they were disgusted by the woman’s behavior.

“You gotta wear a mask. The guidelines are wear a mask,” one customer said. “It’s respectful to other people. It’s not, it’s not just about what feels right for you or selfishly what’s best for you. It’s about protecting everybody.”

The video went viral and collected thousands of comments, including one Trader Joe’s employee.

“As a Trader Joe’s employee, I can’t go a day without being obligated to politely take some level of outrage related to masks,” the employee wrote. “You have to wear a mask for 20 minutes to shop. I have to wear it over eight hours a day.”

The woman explained later that a medical issue makes it hard for her to breathe out of her nose. She says the manager told her she could shop without a mask, and an employee also offered to shop for her.

The woman says she wanted to shop for herself, and a fellow customer complained about her bare face. She says she does not regret calling people in the store “Democratic pigs.”

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