Video: Deadly fire tornado captured on film; blamed for death of firefighter

National News

REDDING, Calif. (KRON) —  According to fire officials, the death of California Fire Inspector Jeremy Stoke during the Carr Fire in Shasta County was caused by a fire tornado. 
A video obtained from KRON-TV shows the scene from a helicopter over the Carr Fire in Redding. The incident happened on July 26.  
According to KRON, Stoke radioed out a ‘Mayday’ and said he needed a water drop in the area, but unfortunately, it was too late and the fire tornado reached up to speeds of 165 miles per hour, covered 1,000 feet, and reached a height of 40,000 feet.
According to officials, temperatures at the time were almost 3,000 degrees. 
And the weather didn’t help–on July 26, it was a record hot day for the region at 113 degrees. 
California Fire said the fire tornado left a trail of damaged trees, rooftops, power line towers, cars and a steel shipping container.

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