VIDEO: Carjacker hiding in attic falls through ceiling

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PHOENIX (KPNX) – A Phoenix home is badly damaged after a carjacker fell through the ceiling while hiding out in the attic.
Jario Quintero led police on a wild chase Tuesday when he blew out a tire and hopped the fence at a nearby home. 

He then barricaded himself inside the home’s attic for hours, forcing officers to send in a police K9.

When police entered the home, Quintero was on top of the dog and had at some point fallen through the ceiling. 

Quintero allegedly also played a role in the death of that police K9 later found in a living room cabinet.

Katie Ruben grew up in the home and says it’s completely destroyed. 

“It just changes your whole view on life. It really does, that there are such horrible people out here,” said Ruben.

Her parents want to move back in, but Ruben says that’s not going to happen any time soon.

“This guy just ruined everything, treated it like trash, and my parents have treasured that home for 43 years.”

Insurance, and if necessary, the City of Phoenix should be able to pay for the damage.

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