Three Mile Island nuclear power plant closes down Friday

National News

LONDONDERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (NBC News) – The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant has officially been shut down.

Officials said operators took the reactor offline for the final time at noon Friday.

The plant has been in operation since 1974, but has failed to sell its power in the past several years.

It is best known for a partial meltdown that happened at the plant forty years ago. It was the worst nuclear accident in U.S. history.

Although TMI is no longer producing power, it will take decades to decommission the plant. After today, the used fuel will move to the spent fuel pool. In 2022, fuel will move to dry cask storage. In 2074, large components, including cooling towers will be dismantled, and finally in 2078, all radioactive material will be safely stored and removed from the site.

Officials said the plant will steadily reduce staffing. They said that some employees will stay at the plant over the next few years, but staffing will be reduced to 300 employees shortly after the used fuel is moved to the spent fuel pool.

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