Texas teen dies a week after fight outside her school

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A Texas teenager has died a week after a brutal fight that was caught on video.

Kashala Francis told her mother she was attacked after school last week. She said she was fine at the time, but ended up hospitalized after complaining about a painful headache.

While there, doctors found a previously-unknown tumor in Kashala’s head and now, her family has more questions than answers.

Mother Mamie Jackson asks, “Why do I have to suffer? Why do I have to wake up and she not here”

Thirteen-year-old Kashala Francis died five days after a violent fight outside of Attucks Middle School.  The beloved 7th grader was punched and kicked in the head a number of times. That happened on a Thursday and by Sunday she complained of a serious headache and fell unconscious.

At the hospital, her mother says doctors discovered a tumor in her brain but also fluid build up on her brain. And as Kashala was on life support her mother discovered the video of the brutal fight.

“It’s not fair. She did not deserve that.”

One of her classmates says, “She kept saying stop she didn’t even wanna fight but they kept going.”

Her aunt Shantae Jackson says, I’ve never met a person who has come into contact with Kashala who has not fallen in love with her.”

And perhaps that love is best shown through their pain right now–its a pain that cuts deep.

For Kashala’s best friends, they feel truly shattered.

And for her mother, she feels there is more to know. She says her daughter going from a seemingly perfectly healthy young teen to critical state and dying days after a fight doesn’t make sense. Even with a tumor that was unbeknownst to them.

 “So if she had a tumor in her head that was unknown about and somebody repeatedly stomps and kick and punch you in your head–and you not even fightin’ back–is it gonna be better or is it gonna be worse.”

So if this fight didn’t happen, Mamie strongly believes she “woulda had more time with my baby.
Kashala’s school says they are cooperating with the Houston Police Department’s investigation.
Her family needs help paying for her medical expenses, and has set up a Facebook donation page.

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