Texas restaurant serves $400 fajitas

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRX/CNN) – They say everything is bigger in Texas… including the food.

Guard and Grace, an upscale Denver based steakhouse, is expanding to Houston with a new menu with plenty of Texas inspired dishes.

One of those meals is the Millionaire Fajitas. They include a whole pound of beef, all the side, enchiladas, and handmade tortillas with gold leaf. That’s right, they come with golden tortillas.

The Millionaire Fajitas also come with a matching price tag. The dish costs $400.

“They’re worth every penny,” Troy Guard, Guard and Grace owner and chef said.

Guard said he’s been working long, 16 hour days to get the restaurant up and running, but says the community keeps him motivated.

“What’s special about Houston is the people,” Guard said. “I mean, I know that sounds cliché, everywhere has great people in different cities, but we’ve really take a liking. “

If golden tortillas aren’t your thing, Guard says there are plenty of steaks and other delicacies across the menu.

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