Surveillance video of deadly Florida road rage incident leads to arrest

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Hialeah, FL (CNN/WSVN) – The final horrifying moments of a woman’s life caught on camera holding on to the hood of a van as it erratically travels through Hialeah, Florida traffic.

Surveillance video helped lead police to the driver.

The October 25th incident claimed the life of 42-year-old Norky Contreras Acosta.

The incident started all over a fender bender. A van that bumped into a Volkswagon at parking lot left the scene.

The people in the Volkswagon followed the van

Surveillance video shows the van pulling into the parking lot of a pawn shop.

The van’s driver, Natasha Boothe, gets in a confrontation with the people who were in the Volkswagon, including Acosta.

Boothe ignores them and goes into the pawn shop for a few minutes.

When Boothe returns there’s another confrontation.

Acosta is determined to stop Boothe. The van backs up, pushing Acosta against a fence. Seconds later she grabs onto the hood of the van as it takes off out of the parking lot.

Investigators say Boothe kept driving, abruptly braking and swerving, as if she was trying to knock the woman from the hood.

Eventually Acosta was thrown and run over.

Investigators say Boothe kept on going.

Acosta was rushed to the hospital but didn’t survive.

Boothe was arrested and charged with murder and leaving the scene of a deadly crash.

She remains in jail with no bond.

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