Support for police reform grows; Trump balks at base name changes

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WASHINGTON (NBC News)  – Support for police reforms appears to be growing on Capitol Hill.

Democrats have already introduced a bill that would ban chokeholds and establish a national database to track police misconduct.

Republicans are now embracing some of those ideas as well.  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has voiced his support for a chokehold ban, saying there should be “severe consequences” if someone is placed in a chokehold when already in handcuffs or if multiple officers are present.

In another move with wide support, Senator Rand Paul has introduced the Breonna Taylor Bill, which would ban no-knock warrants.

Meanwhile, amid cries to defund police and divert money to other agencies, President Trump is calling for more money and says he’s working on an executive order “that will encourage police departments nationwide to meet the most current professional standards for the use of force including tactics for de-escalation.”
He gave no specifics. 

Mr. Trump is also balking at another move aimed at easing racial tensions.
A Senate panel, led by Republicans, has approved renaming military bases that honor Confederate generals. 
President Trump has threatened to veto all Pentagon spending, including raises for troops and coronavirus research, if the names are changed. 
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