Smart technology helps to keep homes safe for holidays

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(NBC News) — The majority of Americans are concerned about the security of their home over the holidays, according to a new study from Lutron Electronics.

Almost a third say it gives them anxiety.

Smart home devices and other technology can offer a bit of security.

You can use the “Away Mode” or “Burglar Deterrent” skill to play conversations and sounds through Amazon smart speakers to make it seem like someone is home, even when they’re not.

Smart lights from Phillips Hue can also create an illusion of occupants by switching on and off at different times, room by room.

Law enforcement officers say these measures can prevent your home form being targeted.

“Your burglar is not going to want to commit a crime, most likely, when there’s somebody in the home,” says Chief Mary Olsen of Delray Beach, Florida. 

Web-enabled cameras can also add peace of mind.

The Ring “Stick Up Cam” lets you keep an eye on your home from a smartphone and features two-way communication. It also has motion sensors, which can send an alert if something moves inside your home.

If you’re using Amazon’s new Echo Show to control all of those smart devices, you can also utilize the “drop in” feature to see what’s going on in front of the device through its built-in camera.

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