Scammers & coronavirus: Preying on fear

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(NBC News) – Scammers are taking advantage of the climate of fear surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Everything from fraudulent robocalls to text messages touting a COVID-19 vaccine are popping up daily.

Google says it intercepted roughly 18 million malware and phishing emails each day last month related to coronavirus.

Hackers are getting better at mimicking legitimate organizations and preying on financial uncertainty, targeting those seeking stimulus checks or small business loans.

“Before you click on anything you need to think, ‘Do I need to see this, is it official?'” warns Bryan Harris of SAS.

If it seems legit, call or visit the official site directly. 

Also, be wary of attachments or links in any texts or emails you weren’t expecting.

“That is where the malware can be delivered through that process of clicking on that link,” Harris explains.

You may not know right away if you’ve been hacked.  Scammers sometimes hold on to stolen information, waiting for the most lucrative way to use it.

Google users can utilize a new password checkup feature to see if any of their stored passwords have been compromised.

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