Real ID: One year away

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(NBC News) – The deadline for “Real ID” is now just one year away.

Officials are warning passengers not to wait. You only have one year to obtain a driver’s license that is “Real ID” compliant or other acceptable identification in order to fly.  

States are reporting that so far only 27 percent of all driver’s license holders have been issued Real ID’s.  Perhaps more alarming, the U.S. Travel Association reports more than half of Americans are not even aware of the october 2020 deadline.
“We need an all hands on deck effort or we’re going to have a melt down at airports on October 1st,” says the Travel Association’s Roger Dow.
The Real ID act was passed in 2005 in response to 9/11 to create a single national standard for all 50 states.

Traveler’s will be able to use other forms of identification, such as a passport or military ID, but officials warn if you plan to use state issued identification a year from now, be prepared.

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