Printing company turns T-shirts into diapers for expectant mothers in Nicaragua

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GOLDEN, Colo. (KUSA/NBC) – Times are tough for everyone, but one company in in Colorado still found a way to give back.

Like many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for Brand Evolutions West, a printing company.

“We had to shut things down and furlough everybody for a period of time,” owner Roy Masters said.

Despite that, Masters found a way to help others in need. Instead of using his T-shirts for business, he decided to give them away to Steve Lucas with Casa Materna. It’s a ministry with Mision Para Cristo that turns T-shirts into reusable diapers for expectant mothers in Nicaragua.

“When you think about it, it cost them almost four days of work to get one package of disposable diapers, so for many it’s not even a possibility,” Lucas said.

Lucas wants to collect enough shirts to give two to three diapers to each mother in need.

“You discuss that in the U.S. and it wouldn’t be a big deal, but in Nicaragua where these expectant moms are coming out of the mountains, from the inter-cities, and so forth just looking for that care,” Lucas said. “It’s just wonderful!”

The goal is to get to 10,000 T-shirts by Oct. 10. Right now, they’re 20-25% of the way there.

Masters’ donation has been the biggest so far.

“We’ve had other folks who have collected in their community 20 or 50 or 100, even 200, but nothing that big,” Lucas said.

“I think it’s important that we put balance and let folks know a local company that’s going well beyond helping moms who they’ll never meet just a wonderful, a wonderful gesture,” he added.

You can learn more about the mission of Mision Para Cristo by visiting their website, here.

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