Police release body cam footage showing 11-year old twins held at gunpoint, handcuffed

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(WOOD/NBC News) — Police in Grand Rapids, Michigan have released body camera footage showing the detention of twin 11-year-old boys and an older teen.

They say officer acted appropriately when the three were stopped, held at gunpoint and handcuffed.

The mother of the twins, Juanita Ligon, questioned why the police department released only one of the videos.

“I want the rest,” said Ligon, who has filed a complaint with the department. “I want the beginning to the end.”

Police said it started with a 911 call from a passerby who reported seeing two black teens — around 13 — walking in the area with a handgun.

Police said they stopped the twins and the 17-year-old several minutes later, six blocks away.

The 12-minute video starts with the twins and the older teen already stopped on the sidewalk, each with hands atop his head, and police with guns drawn.

The boys later told police they were headed to a restaurant from home.

In the video, police are barking instructions for each to walk backward, one at a time, forcing them onto the ground, handcuffing them then placing them in patrol cars.

“Do you understand what’s going on, bud?” an officer asks one of the twins. “Someone called and said that a black male about 13 had a gun in his hand walking with a black male with a black shirt. OK? Right in this area. We didn’t say it was you, OK, but you match the description with the red shirt, and we have to make sure everything’s OK.”

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