Police arrest 5 men for drugs after one of the suspects ‘butt dials’ 911

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(KSL) — Five men were arrested after police say a “butt dial” to 911 leads them to a so-called “smorgasbord” of drugs in a Utah apartment. 

Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez said dispatchers initially received the call Sunday morning. 

“The gentleman that answered the phone didn’t really want to give any information about who he was, if everything was okay,” said Martinez. “He was very, very vague to the point where it raised some concerns for our dispatchers and we had some officers go out.”

Dispatchers later discovered a name connected to the location of the call had a felony warrant for failure to provide for a spouse or children. Officers found that man, who was identified as 47-year-old Lance Jensen, in his bedroom.

When he was arrested, officers found baggies of what appeared to be illegal drugs on the nightstand. They later tested the contents of those baggies, which turned out to be heroin and cocaine. 

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