Pittsburgh mayor asks Trump to postpone his trip for safety concerns

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(WPXI/NBC News) — President Trump is scheduled to visit Pittsburgh Tuesday to pay his respects to victims of the Squirrel Hill synagogue massacre, despite calls from city officials asking him to postpone the trip.

“We do not have enough public safety officials to provide enough protection at the funerals and to be able at the same time draw attention to a potential presidential visit. If the President is looking to come to Pittsburgh I would ask that he not do so while we are burying the dead. I would ask that White House staff contact the families and ask them if they want the President to be here,” Mayor William Peduto said in a statement released to the media.

“We have a couple funerals tomorrow, people are grieving. That’s where our hearts and minds are going to be, not in national distraction,” said Corey O’Connor, a Pittsburgh city councilman.

Still, others have said they will welcome President Trump, including Tree of Life’s Rabbi Jeffrey Myers.

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