Pastors get free gun training in Virginia town

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (CNN) – Some pastors in Virginia have decided to go to church armed and are getting free training to learn how to do so safely.

Willie Greene knows guns and has made a living training people in and around Martinsville, Virginia. His recent students however, know less about guns and more about the Good Book.

Greene hosted a totally free concealed carry class, and more than a dozen local pastors attended.

“Even though this is a small town and a small city, people may not think it can happen here, but it can happen anywhere,” Minister Gary Copeland of Ebenezer Pentecostal Holiness Church said.

Greene says he made the class free because he feels like churches are especially vulnerable to attacks.

“Criminals see the churches as soft targets,” Greene said. “They’re not looking for resistance. They’re looking to go in and do whatever they want to.”

While state lawmakers continue to debate gun control measures in Richmond, pastors in the class say none of it matters if a shooter walks into church tomorrow.

“Every church has to be aware of their surroundings and aware of the times in which they live,” Pastor Larry Luffman of Freedom Ministries said. “I think just equipping your people, our ministry is about people.”

Greene believes people in church are protected by a higher power, but says they could also use some high-powered security down here on Earth.

Greene says he plans to hold another free weapons course for pastors in the spring.

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