New details released in Dayton massacre after investigators review new surveillance video

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(NBC News) – Leaders from the City of Dayton and the Dayton Police Department held a press conference Tuesday to update information about the Oregon District mass shooting that killed nine people and wounded 17 others.

Using surveillance video from various buildings around the area where the shooting took place, police were able to construct a more detailed timeline than had been released previously.

Police were aware that the gunman, Connor Betts, along with his sister and a companion, had arrived at an Oregon District bar together, but were previously unclear about what happened when the shooter left the group.

“It was really important, were there co-conspirators? Were some other folks aiding and abetting? We’re not saying this is the finality of that conversation but clearly that day, during that time frame, we don’t see anyone assisting him in committing this horrendous crime,” said Dayton Police Chief Richard S. Biehl.

New video revealed that at 12:46 a.m. Betts went back to his car, where he changed clothes and removed items from the trunk.

He began the attack at about 1:05 in the morning, and was almost immediately taken down by police.

Investigators still aren’t sure if he intentionally targeted his sister, who was among those killed.

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